Love Your Ears Listen Safely for Longer

The Noise Abatement Society’s campaign, Love Your Ears is focused on raising awareness of noise induced hearing loss amongst teenagers due to MP3 player misuse. But we recognise that simply telling teenagers to turn their music down doesn’t often work! So we’ve found two great solutions to help young people – and music lovers of all ages – to listen safely for longer.

NAS is pleased to announce that everyone can benefit from safer MP3 listening whilst helping to raise money to support Love Your Ears. There are special discounts available for ACS SlicSound earphone sleeves and Airdrives headphones when customers quote “NASLYE” to the retailer.

Special offers include SlicSound at £3.95 (rrp £4.95) or 2 for £7.50, and Airdrives headphones are discounted by £5. The NAS receives a charitable contribution of £1 per set sold.To order and claim your discount simply send an email to stating the quantity and type of headphones or earphones you would like with your name and email details. You will then be sent a promotion confirmation and how to claim your discount with the retailer. Offer continues while stocks last.

More teenagers need to learn how to listen safely before their MP3 habits become ingrained, to stop the future nightmare of the present generation being profoundly deaf or hearing impaired before the age of thirty.

Click here to see our campaign video.

“Partnering with safer headphone manufacturers and bringing these new technologies to the attention of the public will go some way to promoting Love Your Ears and help prevent this teenage timebomb”, Lisa Lavia, Managing Director of Noise Abatement Society.


Notes to Editors

1. SlicSound, from ACS, is a unique add-on device that dramatically improves the sound quality of in-ear headphones and earpieces for personal audio products including music players, hands-free mobile phones or handheld computer games. This universal add-on for standard ear phones is acoustically engineered to work like an ‘equaliser’, making your listening source clearer & fuller, with retained dynamic range, reducing background noise, and hence allowing the user to turn down their normal listening volume. The same sound,but at safer, lower volumes. For more details please visit

2. AirDrives is the perfect earphone for active people. Unlike any other earphones on the market AirDrives sits just forward of the ear canal, (nothing stuck in your ears) allowing you to hear high-fidelity music and stay aware of your surroundings (also helps prevents hearing damage). It mimics the same sound sensation of a home or car stereo. You have to try them to believe them. To find out more visit

3. In 2008, an EU Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) report revealed that listening to personal music players at high volumes over a sustained period can lead to permanent hearing damage. The report revealed that that as many as 5-10% of personal music player listeners are at risk of permanent hearing loss through listening to music through headphones at high volumes for long periods of time.

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