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Quiet electric vehicles and hybrids must be fitted with environmentally friendly sounders to avoid fatal accidents

The Noise Abatement Society is commending the new ‘safer-sounding car’ (see image below) which is joining the convoy of eco-cars from Brighton’s sea front to London’s Hyde Park on Wednesday 7th July from 8.30am. (Start line at Volk’s railway, Marine Parade)

The safer sounding electric car, equipped with broadband movement sounders, will demonstrate how a sound can alert of danger without causing a noise nuisance.

Gloria Elliott, chief executive, NAS, explains: “From start-up to 20mph, electric vehicles move silently; in supermarket car parks, city streets and pulling out from a kerb, for example, this can have fatal consequences. An unmistakable environmentally friendly sounder is vitally necessary.”

According to America’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report Fatality Analysis Reporting System, pedestrians are twice as likely to be struck by a slow moving electric vehicle as by their [non-electric] counterparts.

The solution, a broadband sounder, is the safest and least noisy answer:

Safest because, uniquely, broadband sound is instantly locatable by the listener who will always know from which direction the car is approaching. Traditional strident narrow frequency-band “tonal” horns, on the other hand, both irritate and confuse the listener as to which direction the car is approaching.

Less noisy because broadband sound is like a waterfall or rustling leaves, easy on the ear and more audible for fewer decibels than a tonal horn.

The safer sounding care is ideal for alerting to danger the blind and partially sighted who can always be sure of which direction the car is coming from.

And ideal for alerting to danger the hearing impaired nearly all of who will hear those frequency bands in which their hearing still functions.

Developed by Brigade Electronics Ltd., this unique warning technology is highly commended by the Noise Abatement Society.

The eco-convoy will finish in London at Hyde Park where it will join the UK’s largest sustainable transport exhibition, which is free to attend, at the Royal Albert Memorial.

Notes to Editors

For more information contact:

The Noise Abatement Society on 01273 823850 or at

Brigade Electronics at Valium Order Online

The ECO Rally at

quiet car

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