Noise 2010: Developing better practice through collaborative working

Thursday 16th September 2010 – London

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health is offering, in partnership with the Noise Abatement Society, this one-day conference designed to help you develop successful and cost-effective collaborative approaches between local authority departments and other industry experts, enabling you to combat the issues of noise pollution and control.

This conference has been designed specifically for those with a professional interest in noise management including EHPs, Heads of noise teams, Planners, Night time delivery managers, Heads/managers of supermarkets and other organisations that operate night time deliveries, Noise reducing technology providers and Noise instrument suppliers.

Key issues covered throughout the day will include:

Maximising budgets for local authorities and other industry organisations

Effective use of the Licensing Act and other available measures of enforcement

The sustainability debate: Which environmental health issues take priority?

Understanding the environmental impacts of sustainable developments

Night-time deliveries and related transport issues

The planning application process and the importance of communication

Balancing the needs of community stakeholders

Effectively managing cases of anti-social behavior and related noise nuisance

Sharing best practice, encouraging collaboration and optimising resources

Noise 2010 is packed with legislative updates and guidance as well as practical sessions covering enforcement and new technology.

For more information please click here or visit the CIEH website

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