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Can You Buy Valium In Australia, Buy Valium Pills Online

To consider sound as fluid as the air we breathe, a life force coursing through our planet, is to understand the scope and potency of resonance.

As such, our sensitivity to it needs little explanation, it simply remains that we give this energy source its due diligence. Respecting and protecting our soundscape is a duty beholden to us all.

Soundscape is the aural fabric of our lives. The diverse layers of sounds that weave together to colour the quality of our life experiences.

We can transform our urban soundscapes by sensitive town planning and intelligent forecasting. The same is true for our rural soundscapes which are all too often tainted by noise that travels beyond its source: low-frequency wind farm emissions, train horns, road traffic and low-flying airplanes.

On a personal level, we should be conscious of the noise we emit and how it affects those around us – small steps can make big changes. Just like recycling, we can all work on our daily habits and produce less waste noise. Be mindful not to let the front door slam, not to talk incessantly on our mobile phones in public, and not to let our dogs bark unremittingly.

A journey through soundscape must begin at home. Consider how much noise the kettle makes, how much of our neighbours we hear and how we use music to create atmosphere.

The scientific study of soundscape and acoustic ecology allows us a deeper understanding of the biodiversity and sustainability challenges we face in our world today.

At the NAS we are furthering our commitment to soundscape by publishing an online magazine of the same name in which we will further our resolve to discover, explain and protect it.

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