SoundScape Ezine – what it means to the NAS

Have you heard?

SoundScape has launched.

We have received many messages of thanks and support from people who have already explored SoundScape and enjoyed its articles and design – we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

If you have pre-registered you should be receiving a copy in your inbox any minute now!

If not, it is available here for all to read.  

SoundScape is the first publication of its kind and was born out of the current need to reconnect with the aural environment. Being aware of the sounds around us, their context and potential, is beneficial to everyone’s emotional, social and physical wellbeing.

The magazine brings to the fore technologies, strategies and products that believe in noise mitigation as a core benefit. It offers practical advice for those affected by noise as well as those who affect solutions to noise, whilst championing industry best-practice.

 This launch issue pulls into focus the work of real life heroes and warns of a ticking “time-bomb” that will destroy our current teenagers’ hearing if they do not learn to listen responsibly to their mp3 players. Also featured are perceptive opinion pieces on the state of domestic noise in Britain and the need to establish and protect sound ecosystems.

 Holistic and pragmatic, SoundScape perfectly reflects the ethos of the NAS. 

“SoundScape intelligently investigates the sounds that affect our lives. Professors, scientists, activists, designers, parliamentarians and public alike, share their views, experiences and hopes for the future of our aural ecology”, explains Gloria Elliott, NAS chief executive. “We are all affected by noise, and this publication puts the pollutant into context, bringing in to focus how we can positively change and enhance our soundscape, for the benefit of our health, work and community.”

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