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Valium By Mail Order, Valium Sales Online Uk

The NAS supports an important online research study to measure sound annoyance – the way we hear it and interpret it

Leading researchers investigating “sound annoyance” at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, are calling for better legislation to protect the health and lives of noise pollution sufferers.
The Noise Abatement Society is supporting an important online survey to help researchers better determine the characteristics of sound annoyance: how it is experienced and why. The research is being conducted by field leaders Professor Tjeerd Andringa and Jolie Lanser and is aimed at those who are experiencing sound annoyance in their day-to-day lives. The survey can be found at Valium Order Online

Andringa and Lanser are convinced that we do not yet fully understand the causes of sound annoyance and Lanser has developed a questionnaire to investigate how severe annoyance can be caused by particular sources. “We are looking for common histories between people who are annoyed by sound, and how sound sources effect their daily lives. Of course there are important differences between individuals, but there are also many commonalities: for example there are only a few sound sources that really annoy people. The results of the online questionnaire will go a long way to help us better understand what properties make particular sources so annoying.”

Gloria Elliott, chief executive of the Noise Abatement Society, agrees. “It is important that we learn to manage our soundscapes responsibly and sensitively in collaboration with community stakeholders. It is not just the levels of noise that annoy people, but their quality, duration and the context in which they are heard. We look forward with anticipation to the results of this survey and would encourage participation by as many people as possible.”


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