NAS Statement on the Department for Transport’s Announcement to consider further development of Quiet Delivery Schemes, as set out in Logistics Growth Report, 29.11.11

The Noise Abatement Society (NAS), Department for Transport (DfT) and the Freight Transport Association (FTA) will explore further working together to build upon the Quiet Deliveries Demonstration Scheme (QDDS) as part of the Chancellor’s Logistics for Growth Report.

The report reveals that:

“The Government will consider the requirement for further guidance on quiet night time deliveries. The Government will ask the Noise Abatement Society and the Freight Transport Association to build on the Quiet Deliveries Demonstration Scheme by expanding the existing Scheme’s best practice guidance into a toolkit that includes standards for quiet night time deliveries; and identify if additional government guidance is needed to promote uptake.”

The NAS hopes that continued investigation of the types of constraints and requirements for seeking relaxation of delivery hours, will help to advance the potential benefits of introducing mindful, quiet out-of-hours deliveries.

Gloria Elliott, Chief Executive, Noise Abatement Society said:

“The Noise Abatement Society welcomes the opportunity to share in the process of contributing pragmatic guidelines for quiet deliveries to help stimulate growth while protecting the interests of the public.

The QDDS trials have been a significant landmark on the journey to achieving the ultimate goal of out-of-hours delivery without disturbance. However, protecting the rights of local residents is of paramount importance. Given the significant health and environmental gains to be made, it is critical to establish feasible and sustainable quiet out-of-hours delivery practices with increased investment from industry and positive co-ordinated input from Local Authorities.

Doing so will also lessen day-time disturbance and enable quieter deliveries to become accepted as the norm. Further establishment of quiet delivery practices now, under strict guidelines and independent monitoring, ensures that the public will be protected throughout.’’

For more information:

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The Government has also announced a significant new tranche of investment in the transport network across the country as part of the National Infrastructure Plan. This can be found at

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