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Buy Valium - Cheap Valium Online India

The realisation of the environmental, economic and road safety benefits of delivering goods out-of-hours has taken many significant steps forward, driven largely through the work of the Noise Abatement Society through the landmark Quiet Delivery Demonstration Scheme (QDDS) trials developed by the NAS and the FTA in 2010 and sponsored by the Department for Transport, the London 2012 trials sponsored by Transport for London, and NAS’ own Silent Approachâ„¢ programme.

Working with the Freight Transport Association, Transport and Travel Research, and Transport Research Laboratory, NAS has proven time and again that with the use of a consistent methodology, including engaging with local authorities and residents, installing noise monitoring equipment, introducing driver charters and rigorous site assessments, positive results can be achieved, including the ultimate goal of out-of-hours deliveries without disturbance.

However, protecting the rights of residents is of paramount importance. Given the significant health and environmental gains to be made, it is critical to establish feasible and sustainable quiet out-of-hours delivery practices with increased investment from industry and positive co-ordinated input from all stakeholders. Doing so will also lessen daytime disturbance and enable quieter deliveries to become accepted as the norm. Introducing quiet delivery practices now, under strict guidelines and independent monitoring, ensures that the public will be protected throughout.

This is why the NAS are proud supporters of The Quiet Cities global summit – another important marker on this journey, laying the groundwork for more effective co-operation, knowledge sharing and skills development across the transport industry globally. To find out more visit Valium Order Online

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