New Research Findings Highlight Need for Further Understanding of the Impact on Health from our Noisy Urban Environment

Researchers in Sweden have provided new insight into the problems caused by living with noise pollution. These findings present links between traffic noise and an increased risk of obesity. The weight gain has been observed to increase incrementally with multiple sources and decibel levels of exposure.

Gloria Elliott CE of the Noise Abatement Society said ‘This research is not the first to examine the health effects that can arise from living in a noisy urban environment. However, the detrimental affects of noise pollution on well-being are still profoundly underestimated. Further investigation into this field is paramount to developing our understanding of risks associated with the increasing urbanisation of our surroundings.

The Noise Abatement Society continues to seek pragmatic solutions to improve the aural environment and welcomes any research findings that highlight the link between noise and stress-related conditions, productivity and quality of life’

Source: BMJ journal Occupational & Environmental Medicine

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