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Cult eccentric Ivor Cutler was a loyal and lifelong member of the Noise Abatement Society: “I’m a very sensitive man and I’m very sensitive to noise…” He hated loud applause, always carried earplugs with him and banned whistling in appreciation of his work. When performing, Ivor explained “I play as quiet as I can get away with because that’s how I want to communicate it.”


Ivor challenged the normal and invited his audience to enjoy his humorous perception of the world around us. The Scottish poet, songwriter and performer was recently celebrated in a musical about his creative and colourful life. Buy Diazepam Belfast received glowing reviews with his timeless works continuing their appeal to all generations.


His art is incredibly accessible and provokes a range of emotions. A cult following was built through regular radio exposure on the BBC. Through a career spanning over four decades he built a huge portfolio of audio and visual work, including over twenty Valium Mastercard and a role in Valium Buy India.


The Noise Abatement Society salutes you Ivor Cutler!

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