I’m doing my own thing – what’s it got to do with you?


Last week, the media jumped on the news that a young women was sent to jail for having noisy sex. There were mixed reviews from readers, many commenting that this was a step too far. However, from those who are constantly under huge stress brought about by excessively noisy neighbours, there is a level of agreement about the sentence imposed.

We all make a certain amount of noise, we are, after all, only human.

But when does doing your own thing loudly become a totally unacceptable and selfish way to behave? When does your uncontrolled volume become somebody else’s business?

The detrimental effect of unwanted noise on quality of life is really underestimated – until it happens to you.

The noise goes on and on; you get irritated, angry, stressed and tolerance goes out of the window.

If you are suffering from noise, we are here to help. Download our helpsheet here.

Alternatively, contact our helpline on 01273 823 850 or email us at info@noise-abatement.org – calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

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