What we do

The Noise Abatement Society is involved in  many projects and campaigns which aim to improve the aural  landscape for all. The NAS works with industry to encourage the production of quieter goods, with academics and scientists to identify the issues and research possible solutions and with government to change policy and effect change. The NAS is not about banning all noise, it is about finding sensible, everyday solutions to noise problems that affect health and well being for the environment and all life.

National Noise Helpline

The Noise Abatement Society runs the UK’s only national noise helpline offering free advice for those who are suffering from noise nuisance at home, work and in the community. We help those who may feel there is no one else to turn to and who need advice – or simply an understanding ear – regarding noise issues they are suffering.

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Some of our campaigns are listed below. Click on the titles to find out more about them.

Love Your Ears

Aimed at teenagers aged 13 to 18, this campaign is designed to raise awareness about the danger of permanent hearing loss due to continuous exposure to loud music in the ears from MP3 players.

Highlighting this ‘teenage timebomb’, Deafness Research UK states that “a third of people under the age of 35 have experienced ringing in the ears, a sign of hearing damage, after listening to loud music”.

A Quiet Life

The Noise Abatement Society campaigns against the use of intrusive train horns and for the use of broadband sound sirens, which are both safer and more effective than the existing sirens, in emergency service and police vehicles. We also monitor the growing number of complaints received about wind turbines and wind farms and raise awareness about this increasing noise nuisance.

To help industry and manufacturers take noise pollution into account at the planning stages of major infrastructure projects, building works and when considering updating equipment and new purchases, such as fleet vehicles, we lobby for companies’ to adopt the NAS Quiet Policy as part of their existing environmental and health and safety considerations.

The Quiet Bunch

The Quiet Bunch are NAS member companies that are committed to their local communities and the environment in which they operate. Adopting quiet operations and making quiet equipment choices is often easier and more cost effective than conventional noisier alternatives. The Noise Abatement Society helps companies to better understand the options available to them.

Silent Approach™

Anticipating the inevitability of the extension of delivery hours as a result of chronic congestion in our towns and cities, the Society developed a protocol for night time deliveries called Silent Approach™ to protect the rights of residents. This scheme will also help the environment by removing a significant number of lorry journeys from the roads during peak hours, equating to saving hundreds of tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

By working to introduce quiet delivery practices now, under strict guidelines and independent monitoring, the Society will ensure that the public will be protected throughout. Given the significant health and environmental gains to be made, it is critical to establish sustainable out of hours delivery practices that will be effective. Doing so will also lessen daytime disturbance and enable quieter deliveries to become accepted as the norm.

Quietening the Streets with Broadband Sound

The Noise Abatement Society has been championing the use of broadband sound reversing alarms on delivery vans, dustbin lorries, commercial vehicles and emergency service sirens. These alarms are directional, instantly locatable and therefore safer, more effective and much quieter than the traditional, shrill ‘beep beep’ alarms.

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