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Researchers in Sweden have provided new insight into the problems caused by living with noise pollution. These findings present links between traffic noise and an increased risk of obesity. The weight gain has been observed to increase incrementally with multiple […]

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The realisation of the environmental, economic and road safety benefits of delivering goods out-of-hours has taken many significant steps forward, driven largely through the work of the Noise Abatement Society through the landmark Quiet Delivery Demonstration Scheme (QDDS) trials developed […]

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While the NAS believes that there is a need for up to date guidance on noise we also advise that such guidance includes provision for and/or takes into account the following recommendations: A. The strengthening of building regulations relating to noise pollution […]

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NAS’ detailed comments focus on the individual objectives of section 7. Examining gaps and options for HPA work. The Noise Abatement Society welcomes the opportunity to comment on this consultation, and the commitment of the Health Protection Agency to stepping […]

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Business leaders back call for ‘better planning laws, not just less planning laws’  Manifesto urges Government to boost noise protection as part of National Planning Policy Framework Review Brighton, 15 February 2013 – As the Government prepares to slash planning red […]

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