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Silent Approach™

Night time deliveries that minimise noise and air quality impacts on local residents are paramount to achieve. They will lessen daytime disturbance and enable quieter deliveries to become the norm.
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NAS Piek

Helping to solve noise pollution, air quality and congestion issues, the NAS Piek scheme certifies transport operators and manufacturers whose vehicles and equipment operate under 60dB.
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Quiet Deliveries Demonstration Scheme

Department for Transport backed Quiet Deliveries Demonstration Scheme with the FTA and Noise Abatement Society invites local authorities and retailers to participate in curfew relaxation trials.
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Love Your Ears

It could be common place in 2020 to see one in ten 30 year olds wearing a hearing aid unable to listen to an MP3 player anymore because of irreversible hearing damage.
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Emergency Vehicle Sirens

Existing emergency service sirens cause panic and confusion. A broadband sound alternative would be more effective without these side effects.
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Wind Turbines

Noisy and ill-sited wind turbines can blight tranquil landscapes, cause health problems and play havoc with birds, wildlife and ecological balance. Better technology and guidelines are essential to avoid these problems.
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