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The problems of congestion and air pollution caused through the overcrowding of our streets as delivery lorries vie for precious road space with private vehicles, points to a solution that can only come with utilising that road space in off-peak times.

In conjunction with the Silent Approach™  quiet night time delivery scheme, the Noise Abatement Society adopted the Dutch PIEK certification scheme for vehicles and equipment operating under 60dB which will be suitable for use in night time deliveries without causing noise disturbance.

The Dutch Government first embarked on finding a standard for quiet delivery vehicles and equipment in 1999 and developed the ‘Piek’ certification scheme to its present form in 2004.

To achieve the standard, each product is acoustically measured and must function emitting under 60dB at 7.5 metres from the sound source. It is then deemed suitable for out-of-hours delivery that will not cause noise disturbance to nearby residents.

The Dutch Government granted a licence to the Noise Abatement Society in 2008 to run the same scheme in the UK, known as NAS-Piek.

NAS is a founding member of the Retiming Deliveries Consortium. Based on NAS’ Silent Approach™ programme and working together with Transport for London, the Freight Transport Association, Road Haulage Association, retailers, industry and local authorities, NAS has provided research, technical support and advice leading to practical tools and information to help businesses, freight operators and local authorities implement quiet, safe, clean, and efficient retimed delivery and servicing operations.

There are many low-noise alternatives to standard equipment to reduce disruption. Not all are expensive or vehicle-based. Based on NAS research, industry partners, manufacturers and the Retiming Deliveries Consortium have helped to develop a practical guide listing what products can be sourced, manufacturers, pricing and availability. See it at : Quiet Equipment – FORS – Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme. Use the guide to help you decide before purchasing and make your deliveries quieter at all times of the day or night.

Find out more about how your products could become NAS-Piek certified:




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