Silent Approach™

The Silent Approach™ Quiet Night Time Delivery Scheme was a product of the NAS’ remit is to investigate and encourage the development of new quiet technologies and solutions for the public benefit.

In 2007, anticipating the inevitability of the extension of retail delivery hours, especially into the night as a result of chronic congestion in towns and cities, NAS pioneered a quiet and sustainable out of hours transport delivery solution called Silent Approach.

The scheme emerged as a result of close co-operation between NAS, the Dutch Senter Novem PIEK scheme, which the NAS are licensed by the Dutch government to operate in the UK, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) and Dublin University.

Working together with a major supermarket retailer and a London Local Authority, the scheme resulted in the establishment of the UK’s first successful quiet night time delivery operation.

The operation includes the previously unrequired element of manned independent monitoring in order to ensure that the quiet standards introduced would be maintained by the store and that the public would have immediate redress should noise issues occur.

Innovation and co-operation

In May 2009, NAS and the Freight Transport Association jointly announced their agreement to work to establish a series of new trials in co-operation with key stakeholders in order to create a definitive ‘field guide’ to quiet deliveries.

The positive benefits from the implementation of quiet night time deliveries are manifold and far reaching for industry, government, the environment and residents.

The NAS and the FTA and are now in advance discussions with stakeholders to develop and operate a series of night time delivery trials.

Given the significant environmental, social and economic gains to be made from the extension of delivery hours, especially at night, it is our intention to help establish quiet night time deliveries as the ‘norm’.

NAS recognises the significant role that industry plays, and the increasing impact that the development of quiet technology will have on all aspects of sustainable delivery; and seeks to work with industry to find effective solutions that ultimately help establish a quieter environment for the public benefit.

NAS and FTA working together press release

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