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Like Father like Daughter – Fighting for Quiet!

Once again, the Queen’s honours list highlights the importance of everyone’s right to peace and quiet. Today Gloria Elliott OBE, Chief Executive of the Noise Abatement Society was honoured at Buckingham Palace with the same award that her father received […]

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Nature Trumps Nurture

Owl wings are formed like no other bird. The noise dampening effect from the unique structure of the wings has informed a new development in the world of product design. Will aircraft and wind turbine structures of the future mirror […]

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Future wind farm sites to be decided locally

Hooray for Government Minister Amber Rudd! Future Wind Farm sites decided locally will enable an informed debate to take place specific to the local environment, leading to a consensus that can reached by those who will be affected. Click here […]

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I’m doing my own thing – what’s it got to do with you?

  Last week, the media jumped on the news that a young women was sent to jail for having noisy sex. There were mixed reviews from readers, many commenting that this was a step too far. However, from those who […]

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Ivor Cutler

  Cult eccentric Ivor Cutler was a loyal and lifelong member of the Noise Abatement Society: “I’m a very sensitive man and I’m very sensitive to noise…” He hated loud applause, always carried earplugs with him and banned whistling in […]

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