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Q: How loud can I play my music in my own home?

Q: I play a musical instrument, when am I allowed to practise?

Q: My neighbour keeps having parties and plays loud music until 4 or 5 in the morning. What time can I get them to turn it off?

Q: I live in a flat and my upstairs neighbour has recently installed laminate flooring. I can hear every move they make. Anything I can do?

Noise Insulation

Q: It is possible to insulate cavity walls which divide adjoining residential properties to reduce noise transmission

Intruder Alarms

Q: How can I ensure my alarm doesn't cause a nuisance?

Q: Can a car alarm be considered a noise nuisance?


Q: I’m at the end of my tether with my noisy neighbours. What is mediation and how does it work?


Q: Noisy firework displays seem to go on for hours these days, are there any regulations in place to control them?

Moving home

Q: Do I need to mention my noisy neighbours when I sell my home?

Building works

Q: Building work is waking me up in the morning. What can I do?

Noise at work

Q: I find the noise at work intolerable. What can I do?

Traffic Noise

Q: What can I do about noise from road vehicles where I live?

Q: What can I do about the from noise Reversing alarms?

Property value

Q: My property has plummeted in value since they built a by-pass nearby. What can I do?

Aircraft Noise

Q: What can I do about commercial aircraft? flying over my house?

Q: What can I do about Light aircraft flying over my house?

Q: I suffer from noise from military aircraft. Who can I complain to?

Low frequency noise

Q: What can I do about low frequency noise?

Escalating noise complaints nationally

Q: I feel my noise issue is of national concern. How would I bring it to the attention of the government?

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