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In 1960 John Connell lobbied the Noise Abatement Act through parliament, making noise a statutory nuisance in the UK for the first time, the new noise legislation to be enforced by local authority Environmental Health Officers.

Today the Society is focused on working closely with industry, government, local government, NGOs and members of the public to help find pragmatic solutions to every type of noise problem.

To support the charity’s aims, the ‘John Connell Awards’ were established in 2001 to recognise local authorities, industry, individuals and organisations judged to have been outstanding in their efforts to both reduce the impact of noise nuisance and seek to pioneer practical and innovative solutions to noise pollution.

The John Connell Awards 2019 took place at the Palace of Westminster on the evening of 23rd October 2019, kindly hosted by Colonel Bob Stewart DSO MP, Member of Parliament for Beckenham. 

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