John Connell Awards 2018

For more information about how to apply, please email

Submission deadline Friday 14th September, shortlist published Tuesday 25th September (all shortlisted entries invited to attend the event).

The John Connell Awards are named after the NAS’ far-sighted founder John Connell OBE, who lobbied the Noise Abatement Act through Parliament in 1960 when noise became a statutory nuisance in the UK for the first time. These annual awards, known as the ‘Noise Oscars’, are now in their 17th year. They acknowledge the importance of the quality of sound in our lives, and champion vital advances in reducing the negative impact of unnecessary noise for the public benefit. Over 200 recipients from local authorities, industry, organisations and individuals have been honoured for the significant impact they have made to improve the aural environment.

The 2018 John Connell Awards Ceremony will be held on Wednesday 24th October at the Palace of Westminster and kindly hosted by Colonel Bob Stewart DSO MP for Beckenham.

Projects which have been carried out during the past 24 months are eligible. Planning may have commenced prior to this period, and the positive results may be ongoing. For more information about how to apply, please email

The Award categories are listed below:


This award recognises that controlling excessive and unwanted noise in the community is one of the many tough responsibilities of Environmental Health Officers. Local Authorities are continually challenged to demonstrate imaginative and sustainable initiatives in the management of noise issues. The John Connell Local Authority Award recognises services, campaigns and programmes that are shining examples of community cooperation, education and creative solutions to solving noise pollution problems.


This Award recognises significant advances of Soundscape principles in line with the international standard BS ISO 12913-1:2014 and the practical application of the standard in the real world.


This Award recognises original thinking to successfully resolve a particularly challenging commercial noise issue. This award is for organisations including those distribution companies, logistics providers, retailers, local authorities and other key community-stakeholders who have successfully tackled noise disturbance through proactive noise reduction programmes, technology and design.


This Award recognises advances in low-noise technology, equipment and operations to facilitate safe, low-noise and efficient urban distribution services. This award is for operators, vehicle manufacturers, trailer-makers, bodybuilders and ancillary equipment suppliers who’ve created quieter products, services and programmes with reduced noise impact. 


This Award recognises significant advances in industry awareness and best practice to reduce noise from operations and logistics. This award is for organisations who have developed proven noise-reduction programmes, whether through the adoption of quieter transport modes, low-noise ancillary-equipment, staff training or other pro-active noise-awareness initiatives.


Quiet Mark is the international mark of approval for excellence in quiet technology and solutions initiated by the Noise Abatement Society. The Quiet Mark Award of Distinction is given to a company which has shown outstanding innovation and values that align with Quiet Mark objectives.


For more information about how to apply, please email

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