BD Auto

BD Auto is an established manufacturer of electric Light Commercial & Passenger Vehicles and focuses purely on the “Electrification of Transportation” by offering 100% electric vehicles to its customers. With a state-of-the-art electric drive BD Auto models produce no CO2 and no NOx, are quiet when driving and silent at standstill. BD Auto vehicles have driven more than 20 million km in 8 European countries and customers include major delivery & logistics fleets such as Menzies Distribution, DHL, TNT, & Fedex as well as several large food retailers, utility companies, and local authorities.

With increasing population levels in our cities the need for clean, quiet commercial vehicles to service the demands of the inhabitants has never been greater. In cities across Europe BD Auto electric vehicles are helping to improve air quality levels and reduce noise for the benefit of everyone.

BD Auto is pleased to be working in partnership with the Noise Abatement Society to improve the environment.


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