Our Ethos

We are the UKs leading provider of responsive, pre-planned and emergency home services. Whether you’d like to have a window repaired, you feel the need to update your home security, or you need your property made safe. We can help. Here at Evander we pride ourselves on providing a complete, friendly and professional service, whether you’re simply having a lock changed, or you are having a more complex job completed, such as replacement windows and installation of positive input ventilation in support of reducing noise in your home or workplace.

Trust us to make your property safe, secure and smart whenever you need us.

Why we support NAS

We are proud to support the Noise Abatement Society as we care and understand how unwanted noise in the environment can disrupt lives and recognise the detrimental effect this can have to you and your families and are wanting to contribute to the raising awareness of health and well-being.

We are always looking for innovate ways to enhance our offering and are continually reviewing our products in order to reduce the noise further to people’s homes and workplace.

Case Study

We have been providing Noise Insulation for 2 years and during this time have improved the health and wellbeing to 800 homes resulting in improving the lives of 1900 people.

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