Quiet Mark

Quiet MarkTM is the International mark of approval for low-noise technology, services and solutions launched by the Noise Abatement Society in 2012 to create a stress free aural environment in the home, at work and in public spaces.

Quiet Mark achieves this through the following objectives:

  • Encourage manufacturers to factor in low-noise at design stage and provide them with a unique selling platform
  • Give consumers more informed purchasing choices
  • Raise awareness about the positive health and well-being implications of a low-noise, stress-free living and working environment

Through scientific testing and assessment, Quiet Mark identifies the quietest products in a given category, making purchase decisions quicker and easier. The more successful the Quiet Mark scheme becomes, the more designers and manufacturers will be driven to reduce sound levels in their next generation of product. The Quiet Mark website directory showcases leading innovations in quiet design: https://www.quietmark.com/products




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