Headquartered in Denmark, the ROCKWOOL Group is a leading global supplier of insulation products for residential and commercial buildings. We operate 28 factories across three continents, including our UK factory based near Bridgend, South Wales. Our insulation is created from a natural, sustainable resource – volcanic rock – and is 97% recyclable. The open, porous structure of the product gives it natural acoustic properties which can help to reduce the experience of noise in buildings and enable people to experience a more peaceful environment at home and at work.

Unwanted noise in the environment can have a detrimental effect on our lives, interfering with daily activities at school or at work, as well as in our homes and during precious leisure time. We are long-standing supporters of the Noise Abatement Society’s valuable work in raising awareness of the health and well-being effects of noise pollution, and putting forward policy and design solutions which can make a real difference.

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